Plant sterol and antioxidant supplement that regulates your immune system.
30 veg caps

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Celt Immuno-Care® is a blend of plant sterols with a unique broad spectrum antioxidant in the form of pine bark and an essential fatty acid complex (Cellasate™). Plant sterols, also known as phytosterols, are present in small amounts in all plants, including fruits and vegetables, seeds and legumes. It is difficult to get a sufficient amount in today’s diet, so supplementation is required.

They have unique biomedical effects on animals and humans. Celt Immuno-Care contains 300mg of plant sterols, the amount shown in research to be an optimum daily dose, and an essential part of the human diet. (1)Rich in potent anti-oxidants, organic compounds and 100% natural, the proanthocyanidins and flavonoids, extracted from the bark of Radiata Pine trees, have been researched to help with heart health, allergies and many other health concerns. The powerful anti-oxidants may also help with anti- aging and DNA damage caused by free radicals.

These compounds consist of a highly active broad spectrum antioxidant mixture containing anti-inflammatory plant compounds, shown in studies to have many health supporting benefits. (2,3,4)

Cellasate™ is a proprietary patented blend of fruit and essential fatty acids sourced from selenium, flax seeds, bovine colostrum, bromelain, zinc and vitamin E. It is designed to increase the bioavailability and absorption of the nutrients contained in Celt Immuno-Care.*

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T-Helper cells are a very important part of the cell mediated response to disease and when the immune system is not in balance, we become subject to many of today’s diseases. T-cells are the cells that trigger immune cells to go on a “packman” like mission, to seek and destroy viruses, fungi, yeast, parasites, especially the ones that live inside cells. Like modern day scud missiles, they lock onto cells and destroy them.*

Plant sterols have been shown to help balance the immune response, by enhancing T1- Helper cell proliferation and increasing the regulation of T2- Helper cells, to ultimately decrease conditions such as allergies, inflammation and may types of autoimmune conditions. (1,2,3).
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This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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