BE WELL 60cap


Silver Lining Wellness brings you “Be Well” Immune Support Capsules.
One simplified immune capsule bringing you some of the best in current immune research.

60 Veg cap

Be Well by Silver Lining

Clinically proven to:
• Help prevent & shorten cold & flu symptoms
• Relieve coughs & symptoms of respiratory illness
• Alleviate symptoms of “Long Covid-19”

And speaking of the ingredients, we’re annoyingly passionate about what’s in here - let’s run through it quick:

  1. Quercetin, zinc and copper - this combo of three ingredients is kicking butt in the antioxidant, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and respiratory illness department. Added benefits of these ingredients include bone, hair and skin health, and it’s used by many to decrease the effects of aging and lessen the chance of long term illness and disease. They’ve even started using it to treat asthma and respiratory allergies, and in a recent study it’s proven to have neuroprotective qualities the brain (time to leave the brain fog).
  2. NAC. NAC is everywhere right now, so we’re not the first ones to get obsessed with it - famous as an antioxidant, and frequently being used in the treatment of long Covid 19 symptoms. However, it’s NAC’s proactive qualities that win it a place in our immune capsules, as it’s been found to support glutathione levels (glutathione is a crucial antioxidant that your body produces it - typically the better your glutathione levels, the better you can fend off illness), empowering us to naturally fight off nasty viruses. And get this, NAC has been used to beneficially treat: poly cystic ovary syndrome patients with CC resistance, preterm birth, acetaminophen toxicity, RPL, chronic bronchitis, colitis, liver cancer, muscle performance, hemodialysis, asthma, Alzheimer’s disease and even Parkinson’s - quite the list!
  3. Elderberry - now elderberry is just wonderful. For thousands of years elderberry has been used to treat all kinds of illnesses. It’s been proven to help relieve and shorten symptoms associated with colds and viruses like joint pain, fevers, and coughs. It has preventative properties too, so it will help ward off viruses before they start. Fun bonus,
  4. Olive leaf is a truly ancient natural medicine, used for millenia as an antibacterial treatment. Turns out it also has antiviral, anti-inflammatory and blood sugar normalizing properties. The oleuropein in the extract is found to be effective in fighting Sars-CoV-2, but we’re not supposed to cite those studies, so we didn’t.
  5. D3 - most humans are pretty D3 deficient, especially in winter, unless you live in Ecuador. Shoot - there goes our Ecaudor market.  D3 is so key in a functioning immune system. Be Well immune capsules have the maximum amount health Canada permits in a multi-ingredient product like this.
  6. Pine Bark. Finally my personal favourite is pinus pinaster, and yes, you’ll want to be careful how you pronounce that. This is pine park extract, and the Calvin Klein name brand version is called Pynogenol (you may have heard of it). It’s especially exciting that we have pine bark extract in here because, even though it’s been used by indigenous peoples here in North America for centuries, brand new research is showing that it’s effective in fighting respiratory illnesses like asthma, persistent coughs and long Covid. Added bonus… new studies are discovering pine bark can also increase brain health, cognitive function and memory! That’s just amazing!


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