Certified Naturals™ Calcium Magnesium liquid formula contains the unique plant-source calcium source known as Aquamin™.

Aquamin™ is an award-winning, clinically studied ingredient sourced from the Icelandic red-algae Lithothamnion calcareum.

Aquamin™ contains a complex of 74 minerals including calcium and magnesium making it an ideal supplement for bone health and for preventing osteoporosis. Certified Naturals™ also contains added magnesium, potassium, boron and important bone vitamins D3 and K2.

Liquid comes in great tasting Orange or Cherry flavour, or in Vegetable Gel Capsules.



120 Veg Caps

OMEGA 3X MaxSimil®

Certified Naturals™ Clinical Omega 3X Fish Oil gelcaps feature the fish oil source known as MaxSimil® for superior absorption.

MaxSimil® is a patented omega-3 fatty acids technology that was developed and researched in Canada.

MaxSimil® starts with the highest quality fish oil caught off the coast of South America, then processed and purified in Norway. A biomimetic enzymatic process is then applied to form an absorption-ready monoglyceride (MG) form of fish oil.

MaxSimil® omega-3 technology mimics the body’s natural processes, arriving “pre-digested” so that your body doesn’t have to rely on its own processes for digestion.

MaxSimil® is easier on the stomach and digestive system than traditional triglyceride and ethyl ester fish oils. Monoglycerides are easily absorbed and put less stress on the digestive process.

MaxSimil® fish oil is tested under IFOS (International Fish Oil Standards) to verify potency, purity and safety from environmental contaminants.

​Recommended use: Helps support/maintain normal cardiovascular health. Helps to reduce serum triglycerides/triacylglycerols (at two gelcaps per day). Helps support cognitive health and brain function. Source of omega-3 fatty acids for the maintenance of good health.

120 Veg Caps


Certified Naturals™ Seawater magnesium and multi-mineral complex for preventing magnesium deficiency.

The mineral magnesium plays a role in over 300 different biochemical processes in the human body.1 It is critical for muscle, nerve, cardiovascular and bone health. Magnesium levels in modern populations across the world are consistently low due to the declining mineral content in soils and the overconsumption of processed foods low in magnesium.2 A recent Statistics Canada survey showed that magnesium was one of the top four nutrients in which Canadians are lacking. Canadians at every age group are not getting sufficient magnesium intake – ranging from 33% of young adults to 60% of adults over seventy years of age, being deficient.2 Magnesium deficiency in humans can result in numerous symptoms such as sleep issues, muscle weakness and twitching, chronic pain and fatigue, confusion, and a range of cardiovascular issues. If you think you might be deficient in magnesium levels, talk to your health care practitioner for testing.

If you are magnesium deficient, getting additional content of this mineral into your diet is essential. Foods that are naturally high in magnesium include nuts, seeds, cheese, yogurt, soy, legumes, spinach, okra, cereal grains, and fish.3 Magnesium supplementation is another way to ensure that one is getting enough magnesium.

What makes for an effective magnesium supplement?
An effective magnesium supplement requires several attributes.
A magnesium supplement should be:
1. Bioaccessible
2. Bioavailable
3. Potent/Convenient

An innovative magnesium source extracted from seawater has been shown to have all these advantages. It is called Aquamin® Mg and has been developed by the same researchers who discovered the benefits of an Icelandic algae-based calcium known as Aquamin®. Seawater has a remarkable similarity to the plasma portion of human blood in its concentration of salt and ions. While seawater itself is not consumable by humans due to its high content of salt (3.5%), it does naturally contain the entire range of minerals required by humans. An Irish research company has developed a method of extracting these essential minerals from seawater to make the absorbable multimineral complex Aquamin® Mg. Aquamin® Mg is very concentrated – the process to extract Aquamin® Mg requires 500 tons of seawater to produce a single ton of magnesium.

Not just a magnesium supplement – Aquamin® Mg is a multi-mineral complex
Aquamin® Mg contains 71 different trace minerals in addition to magnesium. Among these minerals are calcium, silicon, manganese, boron, strontium, potassium, iron, and zinc. Minerals work together synergistically – this complex of minerals makes Aquamin® Mg more useful to the body.

Aquamin® Mg – A bioavailable source of magnesium and minerals Aquamin® Mg has been studied both for its bioaccessibility and bioavailability against other forms of magnesium. Bioaccessibility assesses whether the magnesium form is soluble in water to make it potentially available for intestinal absorption following ingestion. Bioavailability is the amount of magnesium that is intestinally absorbed and available for use by the body. In the study, Aquamin® Mg was compared against magnesium oxide (MgO) and magnesium chloride (MgCl2). Magnesium oxide is the form of magnesium that is the most potent in elemental content (60%) but is not considered well absorbed. Magnesium chloride is considered well absorbed but is low in its elemental content (12%). Aquamin® Mg was shown to be the best of both worlds – it is several times more soluble and absorbable than magnesium oxide, matching magnesium chloride, yet offering a more convenient potency than the chloride version (Aquamin® Mg is 33% elemental magnesium).4

Aquamin® Mg + Aquamin® Calcium
Current clinical trials are evaluating Aquamin® Mg’s benefits for cognitive health. It is known that a deficiency of the minerals magnesium and calcium are linked to symptoms of cognitive decline, such as poor memory formation. A combination of supplemental Aquamin® calcium (algae source calcium) together with Aquamin® Mg has already been evaluated in animal studies. This combination of mineral sources showed promise in overcoming age-related cognitive decline.5 

For full listing of data resources please refer to the PDF brochure or the Product page.

Seawater magnesium and
multi-mineral complex.

60 Veg Caps

Seawater magnesium and
multi-mineral complex.

180 Veg Caps



Certified Naturals™ AppleSlim™ is a natural supplement for use in weight management programs and cardiovascular support.

AppleSlim™ contains the world’s leading apple polyphenol ingredient – ApplePhenon™ together with green coffee bean extract.

ApplePhenon™ is carefully extracted from specially selected wildcrafted immature green apples from Central Asia, the “Land of the Original Apple”. Using a proprietary gentle extraction process, the highest concentration of apple polyphenols is preserved for optimal antioxidant activity. A daily dose of AppleSlim™ capsules containing ApplePhenon™ ingredient contains the equivalent polyphenols of 18 ripe apples.

ApplePhenon™ apple polyphenols are powerful plant-based antioxidants that have been the subject of human clinical trials for a wide variety of health issues:

  • Weight management for visceral fat and overall weight
  • Cardiovascular support (cholesterol and triglyceride management)
  • Glucose management
  • Athletic performance
  • Respiratory support
  • Skin care
  • Dental care
  • Inflammatory conditions

A natural supplement for use in
weight management programs.

90 Veg Caps


Certified Naturals™ Bioavailable Boswellia features the patented Boswellia Phytosome® known as Casperome®.

Casperome® is a new delivery form of Boswellia that addresses the absorption issues associated with typical Boswellia extracts. Using patented Phytosome® technology, which complexes Boswellia extract with sunflower lecithin, Casperome® Boswellia has demonstrated significantly improved absorption.

The lecithin utilized in the Phytosome® technology protects Casperome®’s Boswellic acids from degradation by water and shuttles the acids through the intestinal tract more efficiently. This mimics how taking Boswellic acids with a fatty meal would improve absorption. By using the Phytosome® delivery method, Boswellic acids test 300-400 percent higher in blood measurements when patients take Casperome® vs standard Boswellia extracts.

Not only is Casperome® better absorbed, but it is absorbed faster to deliver quicker pain relief. Casperome® also remains in the system longer which makes it ideal for one time per day dosing which is more convenient for consumers.

Bioavailable Boswellia features the patented
Boswellia Phytosome® known as Casperome®.

60 Veg Caps


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