Plant sterol and antioxidant supplement that regulates your dog or cats immune system.
30 capsules


Daily Immune Support for Dogs & Cats

Natural Support for a Strong Immune System

ImmunoPET is a daily immune support system for dogs and cats. It is virtually unrivalled in the nutritional supplement market. It is a complex blend of plant sterols, together with potent antioxidant support and an essential fatty acid complex.

Plant Sterols and the potent antioxidants found in ImmunoPET have been shown to be important in helping to keep the immune system in balance, and in keeping the inflammatory response under control.

What Sets ImmunoPET™ Apart?
Few supplements have been specifically designed to be absorbed and retained by the dog or cats body.
Many supplements are destroyed by the stomach acids of dogs. ImmunoPET™ capsules are enteric coated with a proprietary natural formula, which enables the complex nutrients to avoid destruction by the stomach acids. They also contain a unique component, Cellasate that has been specifically designed to facilitate retention and absorption at the cellular level.

A dog or cats immune system has so many built-in fail-safes that, in theory at least, they should rarely fall ill. But, in fact, they do. Harmful agents can baffle their defenses. Their systems can simply be overwhelmed by the number and toxicity of viruses, bacteria, or other foreign cells and toxins. Some immune systems just need help.

Few supplements have been Specifically Designed to be absorbed and retained by the dog or cats body. Many are destroyed by the pets stomach acids. Immuno Pet capsules are ENTERIC coated, which enables them to avoid destruction by the stomach acids. It also contains CELLASATE a unique component that has been designed to facilitate retention and absorption at the cellular level. Immuno Pet also contains proanthocyanadins and flavonoids the most comprehensive complex of natural antioxidants yet discovered. This is a Truly Unique Supplement that can help support your loved ones natural ability to fight off disease.

ImmunoPet® Advanced Immune Formulation

  • Researched and patented
  • Available in 30 capsule count bottles
  • Helps calm down a hyperactive immune system
  • Helps reduce canine C -reactive protein, nasty systemic inflammation-
  • Provides powerful antioxidant support
  • Only proprietary product coated with a sea -weed preparation for much greater absorption

ImmunoPet is the most complete immune health supplement for dogs. It contains the same trusted ingredients used for 18 years to balance an immune system that just isn’t working well. Enhanced with a proprietary blend of ingredients to provide a natural approach involving several physiological mechanisms, it helps support and protect your dog’s immune health. A strong vibrant immune system, means a very happy dog.

ImmunoPet, the one a day capsule for a healthier, happier dog. Try it, see the difference.

Reduce IL -6 inflammation marker
Interleukin-6 as a prognostic marker in dogs in an intensive care unit.


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