Iron Earth™


IRON EARTH™ is an exciting new product for all your plants, flowers and trees. Add Iron Earth to re-mineralize your soils.

2.5L / 4 lb. bag

IRON EARTH™ soil re-mineralizer is the newest, most exciting product to match the Lawn & Garden industry with the Health industry.

IRON EARTH™ is an all-natural substance formed from the biological and chemical breakdown – approximately 100 million years old. IRON EARTH™ is made up of compounds and materials that plant life absolutely needs for growth. It contains a mixture of organic acids, including humic acids, fulvic acids, macromolecules of amino acids, amino sugars, and peptides, and more.

This single product contains the richest and most purest earth nutrients that will restore and optimize your soil for superb growing conditions. You will be amazed at the results you produce!

Vegetable Gardens and Vegetable Farms
Give your vegetable garden the power of IRON EARTH™ and produce some of the healhiest plants and most nutriotious produce around. Besides great plants and colorful vegetables, you will be most amazed with the flavor of your vegetables. Your vegetables will be talked about by family and friends.

Flower Pots, Flower Beds and Botanical Gardens
Make your neighbors envious of your flowers, indoor and outside. By giving your flowers IRON EARTH™, you will quickly notice positive effects to your flower garden and potter plants. Most noticeable is the colour!

Fruit Trees and Fruit Farms
By giving your plants and trees IRON EARTH™, your berries and fruits will not only grow better, but taste better too. The fruit trees and plants will complete a better growth cycle with IRON EARTH™ and make challenging climates and conditions easier to produce your tasty fruits.

If your’re looking for an edge in producing a flavorful grape, you need to add IRON EARTH™. As a grape grower, you know – its what goes into the soil that makes a world of difference! You can start with IRON EARTH™ by testing a grape field or even a few rows of your grapes. Once IRON EARTH™ reaches the roots of your trees, you will witness incredible, positive changes getting you to that award-winning label!

Lawns and Golf Courses
More and more golf course are learning the benefits of IRON EARTH™. Today there are golf courses all over North America that understand the benefits of adding IRON EARTH™ to their green grass, flower beds and landscapes. You too can add to your front lawn or backyard grass. When adding IRON EARTH™ to the grass, it helps your grass grown stronger thicker roots pushing weeds and pests away.

Trees will benefit from IRON EARTH™ as do plants. The best results is when you can get IRON EARTH™ to the soil and to the roots of the trees. Applying IRON EARTH™ at seeding, and adding once (in Spring)or twice per year (at Autumn) helps ensure the soil is rich in IRON EARTH™ minerals.

Below is a list of trace minerals, these are earth bound, natural occuring minerals categorized as “Organic”. Some people are easily confused by “In-Organic minerals and elements” It is imporatnt to note these two types are very different. Below, we are only referring to the organic, naturally occuring minerals that have existed in the earth’s soil for millions of years.

Trace Minerals  (ppm)
Aluminum                10.0
Antimony                   0.3
Arsenic                       0.8
Barium                       0.5
Beryllium                   0.1
Bismuth                     0.5
Boron                         0.8
Bromine                     0.2
Cadmium                   4.2
Calcium                 300.0
Cerium                       4.2
Cesium                       4.2
Chlorine                     8.0
Chromium                 0.3
Cobalt                         0.9
Copper                        4.0
Dysprosium               0.9
Erbium                       0.8
Europium                  0.9
Fluorine                     5.0
Gadolinium               0.5
Gallium                      1.0
Germanium              0.5
Gold                           0.1

Trace Minerals  (ppm)
Hafnium                    0.9
Holmium                   0.5
Indium                       0.5
Iodine                         0.1
Iridium                       0.9
Lanthanum                1.0
Lead                            0.6
Lithium                     16.0
Lutetium                     0.1
Manganese               34.0
Magnesium         2000.0
Molybdenum             0.9
Neodymium             10.0
Nickel                          2.0
Niobium                      1.0
Palladium                   0.5
Osmium                      1.0
Phosphorus             30.0
Platinum                    0.5
Potassium           1000.0
Praseodymium       10.0
Rhenium                    0.5
Rhodium                    0.5
Rubidium                  4.0

Trace Minerals  (ppm)
Ruthenium                 0.5
Samarium                   0.9
Scandium                    0.9
Silicon                       60.0
Selenium                     1.0
Silver                           0.2
Sodium                   300.0
Strontium                   4.0
Sulfur                   2000.0
Tantalum                    0.6
Tellurium                    5.0
Terbium                       1.0
Thallium                      5.0
Thorium                      5.0
Thulium                      0.5
Titanium                     0.1
Tin                                0.3
Tungsten                      5.0
Vanadium                    0.5
Ytterbium                     0.1
Yttrium                         0.1
Zinc                                8.0
Zirconium                     1.0